Stories from People in Dairy

Jessie, Ashleigh and David chose dairy farming careers because of their love for agriculture, animals and the outdoors. Hear about how they got started in the industry and the opportunities that have followed. 

Jessie’s pathway
Jessie Weaver loves working with cows in her role as a dairy farm hand. Hear from Jessie about the experience of raising calves and looking after them as they grow and become part of the herd. 

Ashleigh’s pathway
Since her first day on farm, Ashleigh Rood has been involved in training courses, extension programs and industry networks which have helped her to develop knowledge, skills and connections. Hear from Ashleigh about her involvement in the dairy community. 

David’s pathway
David O’Connell started his career in the army and saw dairy as an opportunity to take a new direction. Hear from David about how he progressed through different dairy farming roles.