Next steps for finding job opportunities

Are you positive about dairy farming, working outdoors and with animals in a practical hands-on role? Dairy farm employers are looking for people like you.

There are tips on our other pages to help you prepare for the job application process by:

  • Getting familiar with dairy farming roles and responsibilities
  • Identifying your relevant skills and experience
  • Putting together a CV (and a cover letter)
  • Preparing for an interview

Now it’s time to look for job opportunities
Have a look for job advertisements online, in print media and on local job boards.  Australian dairy farmers commonly use the following channels to connect with job-seekers:

There are strong connections between people in dairy and regional communities, so consider making contact with:

Pay rates for dairy farming
You may be asking yourself about the typical pay rates for dairy farming jobs. The Pastoral Award 2010 covers all employees in the dairy industry, except some managers (and some employees in WA). The classifications in the Award reflect your skills, experience and the work to be performed. Visit the pay rates section for rates and types of pay.

Developing your career
Once you have secured a dairy farming role, be sure to visit the Employees section.