Dairy Passport


Dairy Passport is an online platform with ready-to-use resources and record keeping tools for dairy farm businesses and their employees. It is available by registering at dairypassport.com.au.

Learn more about the key features of Dairy Passport that help with managing a workforce or working on a dairy farm.

Employers managing a workforce

For employers, Dairy Passport makes it easy to get new employees working safely on-farm and to support them in driving their own career growth:

  • Setup, track and manage team members and link them to on-farm tasks and training to meet compliance and governance requirements, and skill and career development
  • Access customisable templates to create Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and policies that are regularly updated for current regulations and recommended practices
  • Seamlessly share SOPs, policies and updates with team members via desktop and mobile devices to ensure information can be accessed when and where it is needed
  • Access onboarding tools and coaching resources to support new employees during their first 90 days on farm

Employees working on a dairy farm

For employees, Dairy Passport helps them to access what they need and when they need it to be safe, capable and successful on a dairy farm:

  • Setup, track and manage their employment and obligations with farm businesses
  • Feel welcome and understand the farm business expectations, practices and culture via onboarding and coaching resources
  • Access the latest information and documents as updated on-farm specific to their role