Dairy Safely, Home Safely

Everyone wants a safe place to live and work.

The challenge with dairy farms is that they are workplaces and also places where families live. For the people working on the farm, there are some very busy periods, long days, a wide range of weather conditions and the requirement to handle large animals and work with potentially hazardous equipment, environments and substances.

Below are some practical resources, designed and tested by dairy farmers to apply on your farm.

Each contains tools to ensure you cover all the legal and practical requirements – taking a step by step approach to build and maintain your safety system, plus set up background information and records.

Farm Safety Starter Kit

Everything you need to start or improve your farm safety system

Farm Safety Manual

Step by step approach to build a safety system for dairy farms – 14 topics

Dairy Passport

Customisable system to manage people, create SOPs & record capability

Farm Workplace Policies

Practical information, examples and templates you can adapt to your farm